Season 2018-19



Programme: ABC of Dance: In conversation with Beate Vollack 12/10; Ballet Pantomime – How does it go?; Choreographic examples from Die Jahreszeiten (The Seasons) 7/05; WP Sandmann ch: Andreas Heise 30/10; WP Die Jahreszeiten  (co-production with Theater St. Gallen) ch: Beate Vollack 27/04; Gala with the Ballet School of Opera Graz 18/06.


Programme:  Marie Antoinette ch: Mei Hong Lin 30/09; Macbeth ch: Johann Kresnik 13/10; Yama ch: Ashley Lobo 25/05.


Programme: WP Othello ch: Oliveira 3/11; Ballet Gala: Mozart Moves ch: Oliveira, Villazón 27/01; Moon walk ch: Breuer 3/05; International Ballet Gala 15/06.


Programme: A Midsummer Night’s Dream ch: Jorma Elo 12/09;  Giselle pr: Elena Tschernischova 15/09; Sylvia pr: Legris 10/11; Peer Gynt ch: Edward Clug 2/12; Märchenwelt Ballett ch: Andrey Kaydanovskiy, Vesna Orlic 14/12; The Nutcracker pr: Nureyev 25/12; Coppélia ch: Pierre Lacotte 27/01; Swan Lake pr: Nureyev 11/02; Le Pavillon d’Armide/Le Sacre ch: Neumeier 16/03; Romeo and Juliet ch: Bombana 17/03; Forsythe/Van Manen/Kylián 14/04; Le Corsaire pr: Legris 3/05; Peter Pan ch: Vesna Orlic 11/05; Concerto ch: MacMillan/Eden/Eden ch: McGregor/Marguerite and Armand ch: Ashton 7/06; Nureyev Gala 28/06.



Programme: Choreolab 8/09; Giselle ch: Khan 16/10; Furioso ch: Tankard/Twelve Ton Rose ch: Brown/Dialoog ch: Brabants 19/12; Boléro ch: Béjart/Chronicle ch: Graham/Fall ch: Cherkaoui 25/01; B.R.I.S.A ch: Inger/Joy ch: Ekman 29/03; Bach Studies ch: Millepied 19/05.



Programme: Paz de la Jolla ch: Peck tbc; Anna Karenina ch: Neumeier 10/11; The Dream ch: Ashton/Being and Nothingness ch: Côté 21/11; The Nutcracker ch: Kudelka 8/12; Paquita ch: Stowell after Petipa/Apollo ch: Balanchine/CP Night ch: Adam/The Sea Above, The Sky Below ch: Binet 1/03; Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland ch: Wheeldon 7/03; The Erik Bruhn Competition 23/03; Physical Thinking: CP The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude ch: Forsythe/CP Approximate Sonata 2016 ch: Forsythe/The Second Detail ch: Forsythe 1/06; The Merry Widow ch: Hynd 19/06.


Hong Kong

Programme: Alice (in Wonderland) ch: Webre 17/08; Hong Kong Cool 13/09; Carnival of the Animals (for children) 15/09; Giselle26/10; 1st Annual International Gala of Stars 2/11; The Nutcracker 14/12; CP The Great Gatsby ch: Webre 15/02; Le Corsaire 29/03; Afterite ch: McGregor/The Year of the Rabbit ch: Peck/tba 1/06.

Guest artist: Brooklyn Mack, principal dancer, The Washington Ballet

Joining: Luis Torres - ballet master; Venus Villa - principal; Ashleigh Bennett, Zoe Roberts, Vince Koffijberg - corps de ballet; and Leung Sze Chai Cindy - apprentice.



Programme: La Fille mal gardée ch: Ashton 1/09; Slavic Temper: Dumka ch: Vinklát/Aspects ch: Kozielska/Perfect Example ch: Kajdanovskij 6/09; Tremble ch: Zuska15/09; Kylián – Bridges of Time: Symphony of Psalms/Bella Figura/Petite Mort/Six Dances 10/10;Romeo and Juliet ch: Zuska 12/11; La Bayadère ch: Torres after Petipa 21/11; Valmont 4/12; The Nutcracker – A Christmas Carol 6/12; The Little Mermaid ch: Kodet 19/01; Timeless: Serenade ch: Balanchine/Separate Knots ch: Gat/Rite of Spring ch: Tetley 31/01; Brel – Vysotsky – Kryl / Solo for Three ch: Zuska 23/02; Solo for the Two of Us ch: Zuska 2/05; Swan Lake pr: Cranko 28/03; Rain ch: Poklitaru/Vertigo ch: Bigonzetti/Cacti ch: Ekman 25/04.



Programme: La Fille mal gardée ch: Ashton 26/09; Fire & Fury: The King Dances ch: Bintley/WP Ignite ch: Juanjo Arqués 3/10; The Nutcracker ch: Wright 23/11; Beauty and the Beast ch: Bintley 30/01; Home from Home: Petra and the Wolf ch: Ruth Brill/WP A Season in our World 9/05; [Un]leashed: Lyric Pieces ch: Jessica Lang/WP new ballet ch: Didy Veldman/Petra and the Wolf ch: Ruth Brill 12/06; Hobson’s Choice ch: Bintley 19/06.

Promotions: Yasuo Atsuji to principal; Yvette Knight, Brandon Lawrence, Maureya Lebowitz, Miki Mizutani and Yaoqian Shang to first soloists; Karla Doorbar, Max Maslen and Lachlan Monaghan to soloists; Aitor Galende, Beatrice Parma, Brooke Ray, Edivaldo Souza da Silva and Daria Stanciulescu to first artists.

Joining: August Generalli as an artist from Boston Ballet II; Alexander Yap as an artist from Northern Ballet; Louis Cohen as an artist from English National Ballet School; Callum Findlay-White, Tori Forsyth-Hecken, Isabella Howard, Yu Kurihara, Lennart Steegen and Yuki Sugiura all join as artists from The Royal Ballet School; Eilish Small,  joined as an artist earlier in 2018, from the Australian Ballet School; and Joseph Taylor, graduate of Elmhurst Ballet School, joins as an apprentice.

Leaving:  Jenna Roberts, Nao Sakuma, Chi Cao, Feargus Campbell, Anna Monleon, Brogan McKelvey, Claudia Nicholson and Jade Wallace. Elisabetta Formento left earlier in the season to join Dutch National Ballet and, as previously reported, Iain Mackay retired in early 2018 after a 19-year career with the company.


Programme: Mixed Programme: WP new ballets ch: Kenneth Tindall, Morgann Runacre-Temple and Mlindi Kulashe 12/09; The Three Musketeers ch: Nixon 4/10; Puss in Boots - children’s ballet 27/10; The Nutcracker ch: Nixon 14/11; WP Victoria ch: Cathy Marston 9/03; The Great Gatsby ch: Nixon 8/05.

Promotions: Mlindi Kulashe, Ayami Miyata, Abigail Prudames and Joseph Taylor to first soloists; Nicola Gervasi and Matthew Koon to soloists; Sarah Chun, Riku Ito, Minju Kang and Dominique Larose to junior soloists; and Filippo Di Vilio to coryphée.

Joining: Kenneth Tindall rejoins the company as artistic director of digital and choreographer in residence; Ayça Anil and Harris Beattie from Central School of Ballet, Adam Ashcroft and Helen Bogatch from Estonian National Ballet, Kyungka Kwak from Universal Ballet, Korea, George Liang from The National Ballet of Canada and Nina Queiroz da Silva from Ballet Nacional Sodre, Uruguay, Matthew Morrell joins as an apprentice from the Academy of Northern Ballet’s Professional Graduate Programme, alongside former Professional Graduate student Julie Nunès, who joins from The Phantom of the Opera, Stockholm and Oscar Ainscough from Tring Park School for the Performing Arts.

Leaving: Dreda Blow is returning to her native Canada to study physical theatre and pursue acting, teaching and creating her own work; whilst Giuliano Contadini and Victoria Sibson have retired from the stage; Mathilde Lambert leaves to join Columbia Classical Ballet, USA; Jesse Milligan has joined the West End cast of The King and I at the London Palladium; Liam Morris is joining Estonian National Ballet; Alexander Yap is joining Birmingham Royal Ballet; Archie James leaves to study Sports and Injury Therapy; and Kiara Flavin, Thomas Holdsworth, Darragh Hourrides, Carlotta Pini and Ailen Ramos Betancourt are also moving on to new things.


Programme: Lest We Forget: No Man’s Land ch: Scarlett/Second Breath ch: Maliphant/Dust ch: Khan 20/09; Manon ch: MacMillan 17/10; Swan Lake ch: Deane 21/11; The Nutcracker ch: Eagling 13/12; Giselle ch: Khan 28/02.

Promotions: James Streeter is promoted to first soloist: Rina Kanehara is promoted to soloist; Henry Dowden, Sarah Kundi and Jia Zhang are promoted to first artists; Fernando Carratalá Coloma is promoted to 4th-year artist of the company. 

Joining: Jeffrey Cirio, currently principal at American Ballet Theatre, joins as lead principal; from The National Ballet of Canada, Francesco Gabriele Frola and Emma Hawes join as principal and first soloist respectively, while remaining as members of The National Ballet of Canada; three Prix de Lausanne prize winners join as artists of the company this year - Shale Wagman joins from Princess Grace Academy, Miguel Angel Maidana joins from Brussels International Ballet School and Carolyne Galval joins from Itego in Artes Basileu Francal. Joining as artists from English National Ballet School are Breanna Foad, Josue Moreno Lagarda, Rentaro Nakaaki and Maria Del Mar Bonet Sans; also joining as artists are Rebecca Blenkinsop from The Royal Ballet School and Ivana Bueno from Academy Princess Grace.

Leaving: lead principal Aaron Robison leaves to return to San Francisco Ballet; principal Cesar Corrales leaves to join The Royal Ballet; following her sabbatical last season, Laurretta Summerscales leaves ENB, remaining principal at Bayerisches Staatsballett; junior soloist Guilherme Menezes leaves to join Royal Danish Ballet, following his twin brother, Vitor Menezes, who joined last year; artist of the company Laurent Liotardo retires at the end of the current season after 15 years, but will continue to work with ENB as staff photographer and filmmaker, as well as training as a Pilates teacher.


Programme: Mayerling ch: MacMillan 8/10; La Bayadère pr: Makarova 1/11; Infra ch: McGregor/Symphony in C ch: Balanchine/WP The Unknown Soldier ch: Marriott 20/11; The Nutcracker 3/12; The Concert ch: Robbins/Les Patineurs ch: Ashton/Winter Dreams ch: MacMillan 18/12; Asphodel Meadows ch: Scarlett/The Two Pigeons ch: Ashton 18/01; The Royal Ballet School 12/02; Don Quixote ch: Acosta 15/02; Frankenstein ch: Scarlett 5/03; Romeo and Juliet ch: MacMillan 26/03; Within the Golden Hour ch: Wheeldon/Flight Pattern ch: Pite/WP new ballet ch: Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui 8/05; A Month in the Country ch: Ashton/The Firebird ch: Fokine 4/06; The Royal Ballet School Summer Performance 14/07.

Promotions: Matthew Ball to principal; William Bracewell, Tierney Heap, Fumi Kaneko and Mayara Magri to first soloists; Calvin Richardson to soloist; Téo Dubreuil and Joseph Sissens to first artists; Stanis?aw W?grzyn, who was Prix de Lausanne dancer for the 2017/18 season, becomes an artist; Aud Jebsen Young Dancers Sae Maeda, Nadia Mullova-Barley, Joonhyuk Jun, Joshua Junker and Aiden O’Brien also become artists.

Joining: Cesar Corrales (from ENB); Harris Bell, Yu Hang, Harrison Lee, Taisuke Nakao, Katharina Nikelski and Amelia Townsend – all from The Royal Ballet School - join on the Aud Jebsen Young Dancers Programme.



Programme: The Goblin ch: Eduard Tubin 6/09; Swan Lake pr: Thomas Edur 8/09; Giselle pr: Mary Skeaping 22/09; Catherine I ch: Thomas Edur 28/09; A Streetcar Named Desire ch: Annabelle Lopez Ochoa 10/10; Ballet Evening – Estonian Ballet 100: Echo ch: Eve Mutso/Keep a Light in the Window ch: Jevgeni Grib/Thread ch: Tiit Helimets 8/11; The Nutcracker ch: Ben Stevenson 1/12; Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ch: Gyula Harangozó 22/12; Ballet Gala – Thomas Edur 50 19/01; Modigliani – the Cursed Artist ch: Thomas Edur 31/01; The Sleeping Beauty pr: Thomas Edur 27/02; Romeo and Juliet ch: Thomas Edur 29/03; International Dance Day Gala 28/04; Tallinn Ballet School Gala 27/05.

Joining: Liam Morris (from Northern Ballet).



Programme: The Sleeping Beauty 1/09; A French soirée: Pneuma ch: Carolyn Carlson/Suite en Blanc ch: Serge Lifar 28/09; Cinderella ch: Bintley 23/11; Ballet School Christmas Gala 13/12; The Little Mermaid ch: Greve 19/01; Sylvia ch: Neumeier 1/03; Anna Karenina ch: Ratmansky 30/03; WP new ballet ch: Verbruggen/Lonesome George ch: Goecke/Symphony of Psalms ch: Kylián 10/05.

Leaving: artistic director Kenneth Greve.



Programme: CP Blanche Neige ch: Preljocaj 21/09; La Fille mal gardée ch: Ashton 11/12; Faun ch: Cherkaoui/CP Paz de la Jolla ch: Peck/CP La Stravaganza ch: Preljocaj /WP new ballet ch: Komkova 22/05; CP Notre-Dame de Paris ch: Petit 1/07.


Programme: Singing Garden ch: Toshio Hosokawa 25/09; WP Fireflies ch: Bruno Bouché/The Green Table ch: Kurt Jooss 11/10; WP Swan Lake ch: Radhouane El Meddeb 10/01; Ballets Européens au XXIe siècle (with guest companies Ballett Theater Basel and Ballet de Lorraine): The Heart of My Heart ch: Gil Carlos Harush/This is Everything ch: Bryan Arias/Record of Ancient Things ch: Petter Jacobsson & Thomas Caley 19/03; NP Maria de Buenos Aires ch: Matias Tripodi 26/04; WP L'Atelier des frères Grimm ch: dancers/choreographers of the company 3/05.


Programme: CP Decadance ch: Naharin 25/09; Gala – Défilé/Decadance 27/09; Tribute to Jerome Robbins: Afternoon of a Faun/A Suite of Dances/Fancy Free/Glass Pieces ch: Robbins 27/10; Cinderella ch: Nureyev 26/11; La Dame aux Camélias ch: Neumeier 30/11; Paris Opera Ballet School Demonstrations 8/12; WP new ballet ch: Goecke/Les Noces ch: Lidberg/Faun ch: Cherkaoui 5/02; Swan Lake pr: Nureyev 16/02; Paris Opera Ballet School: D’Ores et déjà ch: Massin, Paul/Conservatoire/Les Deux Pigeons ch: Aveline after Mérante 29/03; Sleight of Hand ch: León, Lightfoot/Trois Gnossiennes ch: van Manen/Speak for Yourself ch: León, Lightfoot 18/04; Iolanta (opera)/The Nutcracker ch: Cherkaoui, Lock, Pita 9/05; WP Another Place ch: Ek/WP Boléro ch: Ek 22/06; Tree of Codes ch: McGregor 26/06.

Programme Amphitheatre Bastille: Merveille (opera/ballet) ch: Pierre Rigal 12/12.

Guest companies: Martha Graham Dance Company: Cave of the Heart ch: Graham/Appalachian Spring ch: Graham/Ekstasis ch: Ménène after Graham/Lamentation variation ch: Paul after Graham/The Rite of Spring ch: Graham 3 – 8/09; Rosas – Six Brandenburg Concertos ch: De Keersmaeker 8 – 14/03.


Programme: Dans les pas de Noureev: CP Raymonda – Grand Pas Classique/Romeo and Juliet Act I pas de deux/The Sleeping Beauty Act III pas de deux/Cinderella Act II pas de deux/Swan Lake Act III pas de trois/La Bayadère – Kingdom of the Shades – ch: Nureyev 18/10; Don Quixote pr: Belarbi 21/12; Liens de table ch: Belarbi/Eden (Duo) ch: Mari/CP Fugaz ch: Soto/Groosland ch: Marin 13/03; Beauty and the Beast ch: Belarbi 25/04; Nijinsky, Clown of God: CP Vaslav ch: Neumeier/CP Faun(e) ch: Dawson/CP Kiki la Rose ch: Kelemenis/WP Petrushka ch: Celis 19/06.



Programme: Grand Opening of the Season 1/09; Your Passion is Pure Joy to Me ch: Celis/Half Life ch: Eyal, Behar 7/09; Swan Lake pr: Bart 15/09; La Bayadère pr: Ratmansky 4/11; The Nutcracker pr: Medvedev, Burlaka17/11; Romeo and Juliet ch: Cranko 25/01; WP new work ch: van Dijk 15/02; La Sylphide 1/03; Onegin 5/04; Theme and Variations ch: Balanchine/The Second Detail ch: Forsythe/WP new work ch: Siegal 4/05.


Programme: 100o: Heatscape ch: Peck/Gods and Dogs ch: Kylián/Corpse de Ballet ch: Shechter 9/09; La Bayadère pr: Watkin 16/09; Labyrinth: The Four Temperaments ch: Balanchine/Errand into the Maze ch: Graham/Black Milk ch: Naharin/WP new ballet ch: Hernandez 3/11; The Nutcracker pr: Watkin and Beechey 24/11; CP Carmen ch: Inger 25/01; Cow ch: Ekman 3/04; Swan Lake pr: Watkin 26/04; Alice – A Journey to Wonderland ch: Coumes-Marquet, Hernandez, Merkulova, Potter, Tucker 8/06; The Dream ch: Ashton/The Four Seasons ch: Dawson 22/06.

Promotions: Ilaria Ghironi and Ayaha Tsunaki from corps to coryphée; Elena Karpuhina, Zarina Stahnke and Houston Thomas from coryphée to second soloist; Kanako Fujimoto and Francesco Pio Ricci from second soloist to first soloist.


Programme: Swan Lake ch: Martin Schläpfer 15/09; WP New World ch: Robert Binet/WP The Way Ever Lasting ch: Natalia Horecna/Fantaisies ch: Remus ?uchean? 23/11; New Year’s Eve Gala: Marsch, Walzer, Polka ch: Martin Schläpfer/Romanze ch: Remus ?uchean?/Mönche und Nonne ch: Martin Schläpfer/The Concert ch: Jerome Robbins 31/12; WP Sinfonie Nr. 1 ch: Remus ?uchean?/One Flat Thing Reproduced ch: William Forsythe/WP Ulenspiegeltänze ch: Martin Schläpfer 9/02; CP Dances with Piano ch: Hans van Manen/WP Atmosphère ch: Martin Chaix/WP 44 Duos ch: Martin Schläpfer 12/04; Pacific ch: Mark Morris/Locus ch: Trisha Brown/Night Wandering ch: Merce Cunningham/Offenbach Overtures ch: Paul Taylor 8/06; Young Moves 2019 - Choreographic Platform WP new works ch: Helen Clare Kinney, Brice Asnar, So-Yeon Kim, Michael Foster 5/07.

Foreign tours: Spain: Ein Deutsches Requiem ch: Martin Schläpfer, Teatro Real, Madrid 12 – 14/10; Taiwan: 7 ch: Martin Schläpfer, Kaohsiung 2 & 3/03; Taichung 9 & 10/03.


Programme: Gala Evening 22/09; Swan Lake pr: Van Cauwenbergh 23/09; Tanzhommage an Queen ch: Van Cauwenbergh 14/10; Onegin ch: Cranko 10/11; The Nutcracker 13/12; WP Cinderella ch: Celis 15/02; Rock Around Barock ch: Van Cauwenbergh 27/04; Don Quixote ch: Van Cauwenbergh 11/05.


Programme: Bernstein Dances ch: Neumeier 9/09; Liebeslieder Walzer ch: Balanchine/Brahms-Schönberg Quartet ch: Balanchine 9/12; Orphée et Eurydice ch: Neumeier 3/02; All Our Yesterdays: Soldier Songs/The Fifth Symphony ch: Neumeier 17/02; Benefit Gala: The World of John Neumeier - A Celebration for John Neumeier's 80th Birthday 24/02; The Glass Menagerie ch: Neumeier after Tennessee Williams 16/06.

Promotions: Christopher Evans to principal; Matias Oberlin, Lucia Ríos and Yun-Su Park to soloists; Olivia Betteridge, Frederike Midderhoff and Borja Bermudez to the corps de ballet.

Joining: Sara Ezzell, Charlotte Larzelere and Ricardo Urbina; Viktoria Bodahl, Chiara Ruaro, Airi Suzuki, Louis Haslach, Diogo Maia and Roberto Pérez as apprentices from the Hamburg Ballet School.

Leaving: Anna-Sophia Samy, Daniel Brasil, Aljoscha Lenz, Gabriel Brito and Aurelian de Brocas.


Programme: Anna Karenina ch: Spuck 1/10; Raymonda ch: Petipa, Barra 6/10; Jewels ch: Balanchine 27/10; Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland ch: Wheeldon 17/11; The Nutcracker ch: Neumeier 9/12; La Dame aux camélias ch: Neumeier 10/01; Portrait Wayne McGregor 1/02; Onegin ch: Cranko 1/03; The Taming of the Shrew ch: Cranko 12/03; Spartacus ch: Grigorovich 25/03; Young Choreographers 28/06.

Events: Matinees of the Heinz-Bosl-Stiftung: Un Ballo ch: Kylián/Intermezzo ch: Kohler/102 ch: Gauthier/Peter and the Wolf ch: Chan 11/11, 2/12, 7, 4/04; Ballet Festival Week 2019 11 – 18/04.

Promotions: Emilio Pavan, Dmitrii Vyskubenko and Jinhao Zhang to soloists; Henry Grey to demo-soloist; Carollina da Souza Bastos and Sava Milojevic to corps de ballet from the Junior Ballet.

Leaving: principal Tigran Mikayelyan is retiring; soloist Alejandro Virelles Gonzalez is joining Staatsballett Berlin; soloist Erik Murzagaliev is joining the Norwegian Ballet; soloist Alexander Omelchenko; demi-soloist Evgenia Dolmatova is retiring; corps de ballet dancers Irina Averina, Sophia Carolina Fernandes, Anna Nevzorova (joining Ballet Novosibirsk), Giorgia Sacher (joining La Scala Milan), Freya Thomas (joining Norwegian Ballet) and Nicholas Losada.


Programme: La Strada ch: Goecke 18/09; Romeo and Juliet ch: Ómarsdóttir 22/11; WP Atlantis ch: Schreiner 7/06: WP Minutemade ch: Foniadakis, Pérez, Timulak, Verbruggen 2/07.


Programme: Powerhouse: ballets ch: Shechter, Ekman, Montero 12/10; WP A Midsummer Night’s Dream ch: Montero 15/12; Dürer’s Dog ch: Montero 9/02; Kylián/Goecke/Montero ballets ch: Kylián and Goecke/WP new ballet ch: Montero 13/04; WP Exquisite Corpse IV new works by the company’s young choreographers 15/06.


Programme: The Gift ch: Galili 5/10; WP Grandes Dames: Beating: Virginie Brunelle/Electric Life ch: Eric Gauthier & Andonis Foniadakis/Infant Spirit ch: Marco Goecke/We Love Horses ch: Helena Waldmann 10/10.

International tour: Grandes Dames, Montreal, Quebec, 31/10 – 13/11.


Programme: Shades of White: Concerto for Flute and Harp ch: John Cranko/CP The Kingdom of the Shades ch: Makarova after Petipa/Symphony in C ch: Balanchine 13/10; Romeo and Juliet ch: Cranko 6/12; La Dame aux camélias (40th anniversary) ch: Neumeier 16/01; CP One of a Kind ch: Kylián 22/02; WP Break-Through! new ballets ch: Linning, Kozielska and Clug 28/03; CP NP Mayerling ch: MacMillan 18/05; CP Kaash ch: Khan/CP Out of Breath ch: Inger/ Hikarizatto ch: Itzik Galili 28/06.

Events: Behind the Scenes 17 – 23/09; Noverre Young Choreographers 5 & 6/06; Ballet in the Park – Shades of White triple bill 20/07 and John Cranko School matinée 21/07.

International tours: Onegin ch: Cranko and Swan Lake ch: Cranko, Japan 2 – 17/02.

Guest company: Béjart Ballet Lausanne 10 & 11/11.

Promotions: Ami Morita and Adhonay Soares da Silva to principals; Rocio Aleman and Alexander Mc Gowan to soloists; Fernanda De Souza Lopes, Daiana Ruiz and Fabio Adorisio to demi soloists.

Joining: Coralie Grand, Minji Nam, Jisoo Park, Noemi Verb?czi, Clemens Fröhlich, Christian Pforr and Satchel Tanner (corps de ballet); Wiktoria Byczkowska, Henrik Erikson and Vincent Travnicek (apprentices).

Leaving: Elena Bushuyeva, Katarzyna Kozielska and Daniela Lanzetti (demi soloists); Mert Erdin, Kirill Kornilov and Ludovico Pace (corps de ballet).



Programme: Swan Lake pr: Rigos 10/11; Herrumbre ch: Duato 6/02; From Russia With Love: The Rite of Spring ch: Kokkinos/Le Chant du Rossignol ch: Goecke/Les Noces ch: Rigos 6/04.



Programme: Trois Gnossiennes ch: van Manen/Swan Lake Act II pas de deux/Don Quixote Act III pas de deux/5 Tangos ch: van Manen/Spartacus pas de deux/Le Corsaire Act II pas de trois/Black Cake ch: van Manen 23/09; CP Sylvia Pas de Deux ch: Balanchine/Theme and Variations ch: Balanchine/Études ch: Lander 12/10; Troy Game - with Amazons (female version) ch: North/Trois Gnossiennes ch: van Manen/5 Tangos ch: van Manen/Falling Angels ch: Kylián 20/10; The Nutcracker pr: Eagling, Solymosi 14/12; Giselle pr: Lavrovsky 18/01; The Fountain of Bakhchisarai ch: Zakharov 15/02; CP The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude ch: Forsythe/CP Bedroom Folk ch: Eyal, Behar, Lichtik/Walking Mad ch: Inger 22/03; A Streetcar Named Desire ch: Venekei,  Dés 3/05;  Sylvia ch: Seregi 15/05; Manon ch: MacMillan 22/05; Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs ch: Harangozó Jr. 1/06; Mayerling ch: MacMillan 22/06.

Events: Pas de Quatre ’19 (annual event with modern dance companies) 9/03; DanceTrend ’19 (annual event with alternative dance companies) 10/03; 5th Iván Nagy International Ballet Gala 14/04.

International tours: The Merry Widow ch: Hynd, Zagreb, Croatia 10/09; Gala 4/11; Swan Lake pr: van Dantzig/van Schayk, 6, 7, 8/11; Don Quixote pr: Messerer 9, 10/11; LOL: Trois Gnossiennes, 5 Tangos, Black Cake ch: van Manen 11/11 – David H. Koch Theater, New York.

Joining: Diano Kosyreva as semi-soloist (from the Bolshoi Theatre); Sofia Ivanova-Skoblikova as soloist (from the Mariinsky Theatre) and Igor Tsvirko as principal (from the Bolshoi Theatre).



Programme: The Nutcracker, 8/11.



Programme: Manon ch: MacMillan 17/10; The Nutcracker ch: Balanchine 15/12; Winterreise 24/01; Ballet Academy of La Scala 5/03; Woolf Works ch: McGregor 7/04; The Sleeping Beauty 26/06; Giselle 17/09.


Monte Carlo

Programme: Académie Princesse Grace Les Imprévus 1 15/10; In the company of Nijinsky: Daphnis et Chloé ch: Maillot/Le Spectre de la Rose ch: Goecke/WP Prélude à l’Après-midi d’un Faune/WP Petrushka ch: Inger 8/12.

International tour: Lac ch: Maillot, Mexico 5 – 13/10.

Joining: Portia Soleil Adams from Béjart Ballet Lausanne; Lou Beyne from Magdeburg Ballett; Josué Ullate (Andres) from Victor Ullate Ballet; and  Adam Reist from Magdeburg Ballett.

Leaving: Maude Sabourin, Liisa Hämäläinen, Stephan Bourgond, Leart Duraku, Christian Tworzyanski and Le Wang.



Programme: Gala 8/09; The New Classics: CP Serenade after Plato’s Symposium ch: Ratmansky/Dances at a Gathering ch: Robbins/Chroma ch: McGregor 11/09; La dame aux Camélias ch: Neumeier 13/10;  Giselle pr: Rachel Beaujean, Ricardo Bustamente after Petipa 6/11; Cinderella ch: Wheeldon 13/12; WP Requiem ch: Dawson 9/02;  Ode to the Master: On the Move/Symphonieën der Nederlanden/Sarcasm/5 Tangos  ch: van Manen 12/02;  Swan Lake pr: van Dantzig 2/04; Pas/Parts ch: Forsythe/Kleines Requiem ch: van Manen/Ignite ch: Arqués 14/06; New Moves 3/07.

Joining: Constantine Allen as principal.


Programme: Unboxing Ballet 25/01

Joining: Lore Zonderman and Dingkai Bai from the RBS.

The Hague

Programme: Saisonnier: WP new work ch: Goecke/WP new work ch: Shechter/Singulière Odyssée ch: León, Lightfoot 27/09; Second Nature: Bedroom Folk ch: Eyal/Behar/Solo Echo ch: Pite/WP new work ch: Imre van Opstal and Marne van Opstal 21/03.


Programme: Significant Moments: WP new work ch: Ekman/WP new work ch: Chbeeb/Signing Off ch: León, Lightfoot 15/11; Settle for More: WP new work ch: Arias/WP new work ch: Landerer/Midnight Raga ch: Goecke/Simple Things ch: van Manen 7/03.



Programme: The Hamlet Complex ch: Alan Lucien Øyen14/09; Manon ch: MacMillan 13/10; Swan Lake pr: Anna-Marie Holmes 9/11; The Nutcracker ch: Kaloyan Boyadjiev 1/12; The Firebird ch: Liam Scarlett/The Rite of Spring ch: Ina Christel Johannessen 21/02; Hedda Gabler ch: Marit Moum Aune 21/03; Baroque Movement: WP – new ballets by Cina Espejord, Melissa Hough and Garrett Smith/Vespertinech: Liam Scarlett 6/04; An Evening With The Masters - White Nights: Kingdom of the Shades pr: Makarova/Secus ch: Naharin/Symphony In C ch: Balanchine 1/06.

Second house programme: Jo Strømgren Kompani – A Better Place 25/10; Jingle Horse! – A Christmas Special 5/12; Carte Blanche - Know Hows 28/02; Dido and Aeneas 22/03; Ingun Bjørnsgaard – WP new work 25/04; The Norwegian National Ballet School 7/05.

Joining: Maren Skrede from the RBS.



Programme: Swan Lake ch: Pastor 21/09; Pupa ch: Anna Hop 6/10; And the Rain Will Pass ch: Pastor 24/10; On the Centenary of Regaining Polish Independence - WP Notre Chopin: Concerto in E minor, Concerto in F minor – ch: Scarlett, Pastor 17/11; The Nutcracker and the Mouse King ch: van Schayk/Eagling 21/12; La Dame aux Camélias ch: Neumeier 27/01; Creations 11 – choreographic workshop ch: young choreographers 15/03; Celebrating the Bicentenary of Stanis?aw Moniuszko’s Birth - Fredriana: Sarmatian Parable ch: Conrad Drzewiecki /Emil Weso?owski/Husband and Wife ch: Anna Hop 6/04; The Sleeping Beauty ch: Petipa, Grigorovich 23/05.

Events: 10th Days of Dance Festival 17/11-1/12; Ballet Gala Celebrating 10 years of the Polish National Ballet – 25/04. 

Guest Performances (Chamber Stage): Cracovia Danza 23/11; Polish Dance Theatre 25/11; Darkness ch: Weiss – 29/11.

International Tours:  Swan Lake ch: Pastor, Place des Arts, Montreal 1 & 2/03.

Joining: Phillip Tunstall from English Youth Ballet; Laurence Elliott from the RBS.



Programme: Swan Lake 18/09; Don Quixote 22/09; Carmen Suite/Forgotten Land/Etudes 29/09; Onegin ch: Cranko 3/10; Giselle 9/10; CP Anna Karenina ch: Neumeier 12/10; Jewels ch: Balanchine 16/10; Nureyev ch: Possokhov 20/10; Spartacus 25/10; CP Artifact ch: Forsythe/WP Petrushka ch: Kluge 20/11; CP The Winter’s Tale ch: Wheeldon 4/04; La Gaîté Parisienne ch: Béjart/Symphony in C ch: Balanchine 13/06; WP new ballet ch: Samodurov 19/07.


Programme: Swan Lake pr: Burmeister19/09; Isadora – Sergei Danilian Project 21/09;The Stone Flower 27/09; Illusive Ball ch: Bryantsev/Lonesome George ch: Goecke/Minus 16 ch: Naharin 30/09; Cinderella ch: Vinogradov 5/10; Manon ch: MacMillan 11/10; Concerto Barocco ch: Balanchine/Wings of Wax ch: Kylián/WP new ballet ch: Kaydanovskiy 27/10; Giselle 9/11; The Seagull ch: Neumeier 22/11; La Bayadère pr: Makarova 29/11.

St Petersburg

Programme: The Four Seasons ch: Zhivoy 14/09; Petrushka ch: Varnava/Symphony in Three Movements ch: Poklitaru 16/09; Le Corsaire 22/09; The Bronze Horseman 26/09; Swan Lake 3/10; La Sylphide 7/10; Prodigal Son/Violin Concerto No.2/Russian Overture 11/10; Paquita 12/10; Cinderella 21/10; Apollo/The Seasons/Le Reveil de Flore 23/10; Le Parc 25/10; Petrushka/The Firebird 28/10; Chopiniana/Divertissement 30/10; Carmen Suite/Le Jeune Homme et la Mort 3/11; La Bayadère 14/11; Romeo and Juliet 18/11; The Fountain of Bakhchisarai 23/11; The Nutcracker 1/12; Giselle 5/12; Le spectre de la rose/The Swan 11/12; Spartacus 8/01; The Young Lady and the Hooligan/Leningrad Symphony 27/01; Raymonda 31/01; Shurale 1/02; Schéhérazade 3/02; The Sleeping Beauty 8/02; The Legend of Love 14/02; Yaroslavna.The Eclipse 28/02; Sylvia 5/03; Don Quixote 16/03; Die Puppenfee 17/03; Jewels 27/03; The Cat on the Tree/Clay/Le Divertissement du roi 4/04; Anna Karenina 23/04; A Midsummer Night’s Dream 16/03.

International Tours: Don Quixote, Special Gala and Swan Lake at the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan 28/11 – 9/12

St Petersburg

Programme: Spartacus ch: Kovtun 7/09; Cinderella ch: Messerer after Zakharov 12/09; Swan Lake pr: Messerer 14/09; Cipollino 15/09; The Sleeping Beauty pr: Duato 18/09; Le Corsaire pr: Messerer 22/09; Giselle 30/09; Romeo and Juliet ch: Duato 3/10; La Bayadère 10/10; La Sylphide pr: Messerer 21/10; Na Floresta/Prelude/White Darkness ch: Duato 24/10; Multiplicity. Forms of Silence and Emptiness 25/10; Laurencia pr: Messerer 27/10; The Nutcracker ch: Duato 3/11; La Fille mal gardée ch: Ashton 24/11; The Flames of Paris pr: Messerer 8/12.



Programme: Cinderella ch: Hampson 8/12.

Joining: Aaron Venegas de Frutos from the RBS.



Programme:  Unknown Territory/Schubert Symphony/Fives ch: Goh 7/09; Passages Contemporary Season: Shadow’s Edge ch: Cong/Another Energy ch: Harbour/WP new ballet ch: Rushton 26/10; The Sleeping Beauty pr: Schergen 6/12; Don Quixote pr: Cynthia Harvey 7/03; Peter & Blue Go Around the World ch: Schergen 30/05; Ballet Under the Stars: Another Energy ch: Harbour/Unexpected B ch: Shimazaki/Symphony in Three Movement ch: Christe 5/07; The Winds of Zephyrus ch: Liang/Linea Adora ch: Harbour/SYNC ch: Christe 12/07; Masterpiece in Motion: Serenade ch: Balanchine/Theme and Variations ch: Balanchine/Fives ch: Goh 16/08.



Programme: Don Quixote ch: Martínez 14/09; NP The Nutcracker ch: Martínez 26/10.


Programme: 30 Years of Dance 1/09; Carmen 30/09; El Amor Brujo 3/11; Boléro 1/12; Coppélia 21/12.



Programme: The Sleeping Beauty pr: Haydée 15/09; Trinity: Annonciation/Annunciation ch: Preljocaj/Totality in Parts ch: Timulak/Wings of Wax ch: Kylián 2/11; The Nutcracker ch: Isberg 5/12; Dancing/Forward: Je t'attends, Je t'attends, Je t'attends ch: Bélingard/Suite en blanc ch: Lifar 15/2; An Evening with Ekman 5/04; WP The Trial ch: Bubenícek 17/05.



Programme: WP Winterreise ch: Spuck 13/10; Emergence ch: Pite/Speak for Yourself ch: León, Lightfoot 9/11; Nutcracker and the Mouse King ch: Spuck 11/12; Sweet Dreams/Six Dances/Bella Figura ch: Kylián 13/01; Nijinski ch: Goecke 9/03; Giselle pr: Bart 11/04; Romeo and Juliet ch: Spuck 25/05.

Junior Ballet Programme: WPs new ballets ch: Montero, Stiens and Portugal 20/10.


Boston MA

Programme: Interplay ch: Robbins/Fancy Free ch: Robbins/Glass Pieces ch: Robbins 6/09; The Nutcracker pr: Nissinen 29/11; Ela, Rhapsody in Blue ch: Arrais/Pas de Quatre ch: Yakobson/Rodin ch: Yakobson/Vestris ch: Yakobson/Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No.2 ch: Balanchine 16/05.


Programme: Swan Lake pr: Wheeldon 17/10; The Nutcracker pr: Wheeldon 1/12; WP Anna Karenina ch: Possokhov 13/02; Across the Pond: WP new ballet ch: Walker/CP Kairos ch: McGregor/CP Symphonic Variations 24/04; Joffrey Gala Performance 12/04.

Joining: Leticia de Andrade Stock, Princess Reid, Julia Rust, Evan Boersma, Derek Drilon, Valentino Moneglia Zamora, Xavier Alberto Nunez Bazquez.

New York NY

Programme for Fall season:  Gala: Le Jeune ch: Lauren Lovette/WP ch: Michelle Dorrance/In the Upper Room ch: Tharp 17/10; Symphonie Concertante ch: Balanchine/Fancy Free ch: Robbins18/10; Songs of Bukovina ch: Ratmansky/WP ch: Jessica Lang 19/10; Other Dances ch: Robbins 20/10; Afterite ch: McGregor 24/10.

Promotions: Zhong-Jing Fang, Catherine Hurlin and Katherine Williams have been promoted to soloists.

New York, NY

Programme: Jewels ch: Balanchine 18/09; Concerto Barocco/Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux/Stravinsky Violin Concerto/Symphony in C ch: Balanchine 21/09;  Fall Gala: WP new ballet ch: Neenan/WP new ballet ch: Abraham/WP new ballet ch: Reisen  27/09; In Vento 28/09; Allegro Brillante/Easy/Carousel (A Dance)/La Sylphide 29/09; Pulcinella Variations/This Bitter Earth/Concerto DSCH/Fearful Symmetries 5/10; Fancy Free/Prodigal Son/West Side Story Suite 10/10;  Afternoon of a Faun/Other Dances/Moves/Something To Dance About:  Jerome Robbins, Broadway at the Ballet 11/10; Joaquin de Luz Farewell Performance TBA 14/10.

Philadelphia, PA

Programme: Romeo and Juliet ch: MacMillan 11/10; Petite Mort ch: Kylián/WP new ballet ch: Andrea Miller/WP new ballet ch: Russell Ducker 8/11; The Nutcracker ch: Balanchine 7/12; Giselle 7/07; Apollo ch: Balanchine/The Cage ch: Robbins/WP new ballet ch: Matthew Neenan/Stravinsky Violin Concerto ch: Balanchine 4/04; DGV (Danse à Grande Vitesse) ch: Wheeldon/WP new ballet ch: Jorma Elo/CP Glass Pieces ch: Robbins 9/05.

Promotions: Aleksey Babayev, Albert Gordon, Yuka Iseda, Zecheng Liang, Nayara Lopes and Jack Thomas to soloists; apprentices Sydney Dolan, Federico D'Ortenzi and Erin O’Dea to corps de ballet.

Joining: Flavia Morante as an apprentice from Pennsylvania Ballet II.


Programme: CP Appalachian Spring ch: Graham/Symphony of Sorrows ch: Graziano/Paquita ch: Samsova 26/10; CP Rhapsody ch: Ashton/There Where She Loved ch: Wheeldon/The Concert ch: Robbins 16/11; Les Patineurs ch: Ashton/Enigma Variations ch: Ashton/Diamonds ch: Balachine 14/12; Four Scottish Dancers ch: Bintley/WP new ballet ch: Graziano/CP Varii Capricci ch: Ashton 25/01; CP Apparitions ch: Ashton/Stars and Stripes ch: Balanchine 8/03; Giselle pr: Wright 26/04.

Guest company: Martha Graham Dance Company 15 – 17/02.

San Francisco CA

Programme: The Nutcracker 12/12; Don Quixote ch: Gorsky after Petipa/Tomasson,

Possokhov 25/01; Divertimento No. 15 ch: Balanchine/CP Appassionata ch: Millepied/Encore Work TBA 12/02; The Fifth Season ch: Tomasson/Encore Work TBA/Etudes ch: Lander 14/02; The Sleeping Beauty ch: Tomasson after Petipa 9/03; Encore Works TBA/WP new ballet ch: Possokhov 27/03; Encore Work TBA/WP new ballet ch: Liam Scarlett/Rodeo: Four Dance Episodes ch: Peck 29/03; The Little Mermaid ch: Neumeier 19/04; Shostakovich Trilogy ch: Ratmansky 7/05.

Tulsa, OK

Programme: Creations in Studio K: WP new ballet ch: Ma Cong/WP new ballet ch: Jennifer Archibald/Second to Last ch: Alejandro Cerrudo 14/09; Peter and the Wolf ch: Ma Cong 5/10; Dracula ch: Ben Stevenson 26/10; The Nutcracker ch: Marcelo Angelini 8/12; The Sleeping Beauty ch: Angelini after Petipa 22/02; WP Tchaikovsky ch: Ma Cong 29/03; TBI: The Next Generation 26/04; Fancy Free ch: Robbins/Who Cares? ch: Balanchine/WP new ballet ch: Andy Blankenbuehler 9/05.

Promotions: Jennifer Grace and Joshua Stayton to soloists; Jaimi Cullen, Maine Kawashima, Minori Sakita and Regina Montgomery to demi-soloists.

Joining: Seung Hyun Lee as a soloist from Boston Ballet; Sasha Chernjavsky from Kansas City Ballet and John Powers from Finnish National Ballet join the corps; Simone Acri, William Beckham and Nao Ota join as apprentices from Tulsa Ballet II.



Programme: WP A Child’s Christmas, Poems and Tiger Eggs by Dylan Thomas narrated by Cerys Matthews ch: Darius James and Amy Doughty 3/11; Cinderella ch: Darius James and Amy Doughty.

Joining: Maria Teresa Brunello, Alex Hallas, Isobel Holland, Eka Mastangelo, Xolisweh Richards and Isobel Holland (promoted from pre-professional dancer).