Covid-19 and Dance Europe

1 May 2020

As live performances are the driving pulse of our magazine, and such are currently impossible to review, it has been decided that rather than produce editions that fail to meet our criteria and our readers’ expectations, it would be better to wait until the current lockdown is, in part, less restricting. We are therefore temporarily suspending the publication of Dance Europe for three months.

Provisionally, we are still planning to publish our double summer issue, August/September, which will focus on companies’ plans for the new season. In effect, this means that subscriptions - both printed paper and digital - will be extended three months so that subscribers will still receive the number of issues they have paid for, albeit over a slightly longer period of time.

In the meantime, for May, we have published a complimentary digital edition which can be accessed on our home page by clicking on the front cover. Additionally, our website is listing performances that can be viewed online, adding them as they are announced, and we are planning other features. 

We apologise for this inconvenience due to circumstances beyond our control.