What Directors Look For
VIKI WESTALL asks six artistic directors about the type of dancer they are seeking for their companies in the December issue


BRB @ Sadler's Wells

MIKE DIXON weighs up Birmingham Royal Ballet’s triple bill and PHILIP TUNSTALL reviews Bintley’s Aladdin

Arcadia opens with Brandon Lawrence as a magnificently godlike, bare-chested Pan; standing in a dappled path of light, he wears terracotta and blue tights and a fetching pair of horns. He dominates Ruth Brill’s ballet, and this is no bad thing since Lawrence possesses charisma in bucket-loads and his ability to rivet the eye draws attention from some weaknesses of choreographic construction, although Arcadia contains enough promise to predict future success for Brill. Lawrence’s presence connects the different episodes of the work, which features Yvette Knight, Yijing Zhang and Delia Mathews as three seductive nymphs of woodland, water and earth, whose steps are decorative and beautifully executed. A corps de ballet of ten, dressed in earth colours, create simple patterns based on straight lines, circles and crosses... Read the review in the December issue. 

Birmingham Royal Ballet - Brandon Lawrence in Ruth Brill's Arcadia. Photo: Ty Singleton