Dance Year 1617

Northern Ballet in Jean-Christophe Maillot's Romeo and Juliet.Photo: Emma Kauldhar

Dance Season 2016 - 17



Buenos Aires
Director: Maximiliano Guerra
Programme: International Gala 4/09; Onegin ch: Cranko 11/09; La Bayadère pr: Makarova 13/12; Giselle pr: Guerra 17/12; Choreographic Workshop 28/12.


Melbourne, VIC
Director: David McAllister
Programme: Giselle 4/10; Ballet under the Stars 5/11.
Schedule for 2017 to be announced.

Maylands, WA
Director: Aurélien Scannella


Director: Mei Hong Lin
Programme: The Little Mermaid ch: Lin 15/10; The Nutcracker ch: Lin 16/12; Die Brautschminkerin ch: Lin 10/02; Das, Was Bleibt ch: Comtesse 1/04; Blind Date ch: Lin 6/05.

Director: Peter Breuer
Programme: Gesualdo ch: Breuer 15/10; International Ballet Gala 12/11; The Nutcracker ch: Breuer 7/12; Der Zauberlehrling ch: Korobko/Vesely/Watson 3/03; Forever 27 ch: Breuer 4/05.

Director: Manuel Legris
Programme: Le Corsaire pr: Legris 17/09; Adagio Hammerklavier ch: van Manen/Cacti ch: Ekman/Bella Figura ch: Kylián 26/09; Symphony in C ch: Balanchine/Murmuration ch: Liang/Blanc ch: Proietto 1/11; The Four Seasons ch: Robbins/Fool’s Paradise ch: Wheeldon/Blaubarts Geheimnis ch: Thoss 21/11; Raymonda ch: Nureyev 22/12; La Fille mal gardée ch: Ashton 19/01; Le Pavillon d’Armide ch: Neumeier/Le Sacre du printemps ch: Neumeier 19/02; Onegin ch: Cranko 1/03; Swan Lake ch: Nureyev after Petipa/Ivanov 12/05; Till Eulenspiegel... Und Lustige Streiche 8/06; Nureyev Gala 30/06.

Director: Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui Programme: West - Pond Way ch: Cunningham/Approximate Sonata ch: Forsythe/Schéhérazade ch: Bokaer 22/10; The Nutcracker ch: Volpi 10/12; Spartacus ch: Grigorovich 27/01; East - Kaash ch: Khan/Secus ch: Naharin/Requiem ch: Cherkaoui 18/03; Hope - Chronicle ch: Graham/WP new ballet ch: Lopez Ochoa 13/05; Choreolab#12 21/06.
Promotions: Maria Seletskaia to first soloist,Nancy Osbaldeston, Anastasia Paschali, Laurie McSherry-Gray and Philipe Lens to soloists, and Fiona McGee, Teun van Roosmalen and Alexander Burton to half-soloists.

Joining: Juliet Burnet(from The Australian Ballet) and Claudio Cangialosi(from Semperoper Ballett, Dresden) as soloist; Matt Foley and Acacia Schachte as half-soloists; and joining the corps de ballet are Viktor Banka (from Polish National Ballet), Daniel Domenech (a finalist for the Prix de Lausanne 2014), Hector Fernandez (formerly with Stuttgart Ballet), Mikio Kato (from Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo), Juliano Nunes (formerly with Leipziger Ballett), Shelby Williams (from Hessisches Staatsballett) with Enrico Vanroose (from the Royal Ballet School in Antwerp) as a trainee.


Director: Karen Kain Programme: The Dreamers Ever Leave You ch: Binet 31/08; Cinderella ch: Kudelka 12/11; Onegin ch: Cranko 23/11; The Nutcracker ch: Kudelka 10/12; WP Pinocchio ch: Tuckett 11/03; CP Genus ch: McGregor/The Concert ch: Robbins 29/03; A Streetcar Named Desire ch: Neumeier 3/06; Swan Lake pr: Kudelka 15/06. Events: The 12th International Competition for the Erik Bruhn Prize 15/11.


Director: Marcia Haydée
Programme: Onegin ch: Cranko 27/09; Choreography Festival - Percusión para seis ch: Nebrada/Bernarda ch: Pinto/ Los Pájaros de Neruda ch: Yedro/Creation ch: Nuñez 12/10; The Merry Widow ch: Hynd 21/11; The Nutcracker ch: Pinto 19/12.


Director: Petr Zuska
Programme: Vertigo ch: Poklitaru 27/08; The Snow Queen ch: Corder 3/09; La Bayadère ch: Torres after Petipa 15/09; Valmont ch: Vaculík 24/09; Swan Lake ch: Greve 28/09; Krabat ch: Kodet 8/10; The Little Mermaid ch: Kodet 10/11; The Nutcracker and the Cuddly Mouse ch: Zuska 10/12; Romeo and Juliet ch: Zuska16/01; Multiplicity. Forms of Silence and Emptiness ch: Duato 2/03; Decadance ch: Naharin 20/04; Brel – Vysotsky – Kryl /Solo for Three ch: Zuska 20/05; So for the Two of Us ch: Zuska 15/06.


Director: Nikolaj Hübbe
Programme: Swan Lake 21/09; The Fantasy Traveller 13/10; Giselle 29/10; Alice in Wonderland ch: Wheeldon 3/12; Le Conservatoire ch Bournonville/Other Dances ch: Robbins/Beginning and Ending ch: Oliver Starpov 10/01; The Snow Queen ch: Greve 27/01; The Flower Festival in Genzano pdd ch: Bournonville/Wiliam Tell pdd ch: Bournonville/ Ballabile from Napoli ch: Bournonville/ Coppélia pdd/ Swan Lake pdd/ Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux ch: Balanchine/ Romeo and Juliet pdd ch: Neumeier/ Theme and Variations ch: Balanchine 22/03; Jewels ch: Balanchine 22/04; Hübberiert 2 25/03; Hübberiert 3 6/05; Dangerous Liaisons ch; Marston 27/05.
Guest company: Danish Dance Theatre in Waltz 14/01.
Joining: Marina Minoiu (from Opera National Bucharest)


Director: David Bintley
Programme: Wink ch: Lang/The Moor’s Pavane ch: Limón/The Dream ch: Ashton 15/09; WP The Tempest ch: Bintley 1/10; The Shakespeare Suite ch: Bintley 10/10; The Nutcracker pr: Wright 25/11; Cinderella ch: Bintley 25/01; First Steps: A Child’s Cinderella 27/01; Coppélia pr: Wright 13/06; Le Baiser de la fée ch: Corder/Pineapple Poll ch: Cranko/WP Arcadia ch: Brill 21/06.
Promotions: Samara Downs to principal; Céline Gittens to principal; Delia Mathews to first soloist; Yijing Zhang to soloist; Feargus Campbell to soloist; Brandon Lawrence to soloist; Valentin Olovyannikov to soloist; Yaoqian Shang to soloist; Reina Fuchigami, Jade Heusen, Max Maslen and Lachlan Monaghan to first artists.
Joining: Gabriel Anderson (Royal Ballet School), Tim Dutson (English National Ballet School), Aitor Galende (Royal Ballet School) as artists.
Leaving: Elisha Willis, Jonathan Caguio, Steven Monteith, Oliver Till, Leticia Dias Domingues, Luke Schaufuss.

Director: David Nixon
Programme: Wuthering Heights ch: Nixon 6/09; Romeo and Juliet ch: Maillot 14/09; Beauty and the Beast ch: Nixon 26/10; WP Casanova ch: Tindall 11/03. Ballets for children programme: Tortoise and the Hare ch: Blow/Loe 7/10; WP Goldilocks and the Three Bears ch: Gervasi 24/10.
Promotions: Antoinette Brooks-Daw and Giuliano Contadini to leading soloists; Jeremy Curnier, Rachael Gillespie and Joseph Taylor to soloists; Ayami Miyata, Kevin Poeung and Abigail Prudames to junior soloists; Sean Bates, Mlindi Kulashe and Matthew Topliss to coryphée; and former apprentice Harriet Marden is promoted to the corps.
Joining: Naomi Bottomer (English National Ballet); Sarah Chun (Kansas City Ballet); Abigail Cockrell (Romanian National Opera); Jonathan Hanks (Estonian National Ballet); Minju Kang (Bundesjugendballett); Jesse Milligan (Cape Town City Ballet); Liam Morris (Romanian National Opera); former Academy of Northern Ballet Centre for Advanced Training student Dale Rhodes (Hamburg Ballet) and Lorenzo Trossello (The Royal Ballet School) as corps de ballet; Darragh Hourrides (Academy of Northern Ballet’s Professional Graduate Programme) as an apprentice.
Leaving: Isaac Lee-Baker, Sebastian Loe, Jessica Morgan, Alice Bayston, Kaylee Marko, Archie Sullivan, Diogo Barbosa, Paris Fitzpatrick, Genevieve Heron and Grace Robinson. Premier dancers Martha Leebolt and Tobias Batley will take a leave of absence from the company but will return as resident guest artists

Director: Sharon Watson
Programme: Until.With / Out.Enough ch: Galili/Melt ch: Watson/Bloom ch: Finn 22/09.

Director: Tamara Rojo
Programme: WP Giselle ch: Khan 27/09; The Nutcracker ch: Eagling 23/11; Giselle pr: Skeaping 11/01; In the middle, somewhat elevated ch: Forsythe/CP Adagio Hammerklavier ch: van Manen/CP Le Sacre du printemps ch: Bausch 23/03.
Promotions: Shiori Kase and Laurretta Summerscales to principal; Cesar Corrales to first soloist; Ken Saruhashi to junior soloist; Barry Drummond, Stina Quagebeur and Jinhao Zhang to first artist; Rina Kanehara to 8th year artist.
Joining: Aitor Arrieta joins as junior soloist; Georgia Bould, Emily Suzuki (English National Ballet School), Giorgio Garrett (National Ballet of Canada), Francesca Velicu (Romanian National Ballet) and Connie Vowles (Royal Ballet School) as artists.
Leaving: Kei Akahoshi, Désirée Ballantyne, Naomi Bottomer, Josephine Frick and Ksenia Ovsyanick.

Director: Mark Baldwin
Programme: A Linha Curva ch: Galili/Frames ch: Whitley/Flight ch: Dzierzon 28/09; Tomorrow ch: Guerin/Transfigured Night ch: Brandstrup 6/10; Hydragyrum ch: Okenwa 27/10; Dark Arteries ch: Baldwin 3/11; The Creation ch: Baldwin 10/11; Ghost Dances ch: Bruce 23/11.

Director: Kevin O’Hare
Programme: La Fille mal gardée ch: Ashton 27/09; Anastasia ch: MacMillan 26/10; Wayne McGregor Mixed Programme: Chroma/ WP new ballet/Carbon Life 10/11; The Nutcracker ch: Wright after Ivanov 23/11; The Sleeping Beauty ch: Ashton 21/12; Woolf Works ch: McGregor 21/01; The Human Seasons ch: Dawson/After the Rain ch: Wheeldon/WP new ballet ch: Pite 16/03; Jewels ch: Balanchine 1/04; Mayerling ch: MacMillan 28/04; The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude ch: Forsythe/Pas de deux Tarantella ch: Balanchine/Strapless ch: Wheeldon/WP new ballet ch: Scarlett 18/05; The Dream/Symphonic Variations/Marguerite and Armand ch: Ashton 2/06.
Promotions: Alexander Campbell, Francesca Hayward, Ryoichi Hirano and Akane Takada to principal; Claire Calvert, Yasmine Naghdi and Beatriz Stix-Brunell to first soloist; Matthew Ball and Mayara Magri to soloist; Tierney Heap was promoted to first artist mid-season and is also now promoted to soloist; Reece Clarke, David Donnelly, Benjamin Ella, Isabella Gasparini, Anna Rose O’Sullivan and Demelza Parish are promoted to first artist.
Joining: Joseph Sissens (Royal Ballet School) and all the 2015/16 Aud Jebsen Young Dancers - Lukas Bjørneboe Brændsrød, Harry Churches, Leo Dixon, Isabel Lubach and Julia Roscoe - as artists; Vincenzo Di Primo as Prix de Lausanne dancer for the 2016/17 Season; Joseph Aumeer, Estelle Bovay, Maria Luisa Castillo Yoshida, Arianna Maldini, Giacomo Rovero, Francisco Serrano and Charlotte Tonkinson (all from The Royal Ballet School) on the 2016/17 Aud Jebsen Young Dancers Programme. London.
The Royal Ballet Season 2016-17


Director: Thomas Edur
Programme: The Goblin 11/09; The Sleeping Beauty 15/09; Swan Lake 1/10; Cinderella 6/10; CP Song of the Earth ch: MacMillan/CP The Four Seasons ch: Kudelka 4/11; CP Silent Monologues ch: Edur 12/11; Onegin ch: Cranko 19/11; The Nutcracker 27/11; Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs 21/12; La Bayadère 14/01; Modigliani - The Cursed Artist ch: Edur 19/01; NP Giselle ch: Edur 7/04; International Dance Day Gala 29/04.
Joining: Ana Maria Gergely, Hanno Opperman.


Director: Kenneth Greve
Programme: Romeo and Juliet ch: Horecná 19/09; Alice in Wonderland ch: Elo 7/10; The Snow Queen ch: Greve 4/11; The Nutcracker and the Mouse King ch: Eagling/van Schayk 2/12; Swan Lake ch: Greve 17/02; Moomin and the Comet ch: Kononen 3/03; The Seven Brothers ch: Kuusela 24/03; Kullervo ch: Saarinen 29/04; Breaking the Fury ch: Leinonen/Cantus arcticus ch: Pahkinen/Valse Triste ch: Karttunen/Jord ch: Uotinen 19/05.


Director: Charles Jude
Programme: Le Voyages de Don Quichotte ch: Jude 17/09; The Tempest ch: Wainrot 4/11; Coppélia ch: Jude 14/12; WP Sur la grève ch: Le Riche/WP new ballet ch: Wiest/WP La Danse peut-elle résister? ch: Gallotta/Minus 16 ch: Naharin 30/03; Romeo and Juliet ch: Jude 1/07.

Ivan Cavallari
Programme: WP ...Cupid couldn’t care less ch: Béchard 5/11; Le Rouge et le Noir ch: Scholz 11/01; Genesis II - Young Choreographers 17/03; Cabaret danse 11/04; WP The Vast Paddock of Dreams ch: Perrault/Ophelia ch: Lee/WP In the Black Sky ch: Wubbe 31/05.

Director: Eric Vu-An
Programme: Don Quichotte ch: Vu-An/Adagietto ch: Araiz/Oceana ch: Childs/Night Creature ch: Ailey 16/09; Raymonda Grand Pas Classique ch: Vu-An after Petipa/Gnawa ch: Duato/L’Arlésienne ch: Petit 16/10; Don Quichotte ch: Vu_An 24/12; Sinfonietta ch: Kylián/Night Creature ch: Ailey/Vespertine ch: Scarlett 7/04; Viva Verdi ch: Cannito/Verse Us ch: Rhoden/Gnawa ch: Duato 30/06.

Director: Aurélie Dupont
Programme: Gala - opening of the season: WP new ballet ch: Pite/Blake Works 1 ch: Forsythe/Défilé 24/09; CP In Creases ch: Peck/WP new ballet ch: Pite/Blake Works ch: Forsythe/WP new ballet ch: Sehgal 26/09; Balanchine: CP Mozartiana/Violin Concerto/Brahms-Schönberg Quartet 22/10; Kylián: CP Tar and Feathers/Bella Figura/CP Symphony of Psalms 29/11; Swan Lake ch: Nureyev 5/12; Tree of Codes ch: McGregor 3/02; A Midsummer Night’s Dream ch: Balanchine 9/03; WP A bras-le-corps ch: Chamblas/Charmatz 16/03; CP Walkaround Time ch: Cunningham/Trio ch: Forsythe/Workwithinwork ch: Forsythe 14/04; En sol ch: Robbins/La Valse ch: Balanchine/Boléro ch: Cherkaoui/Jalet 2/05: Bertaud/Bouché/Paul/Valastro WP new choreographies by dancers of the Paris Opera 13/06; La Sylphide ch: Pierre Lacotte 1/07; Drumming Live ch: De Keersmaeker 1/07.
PARIS OPERA SCHOOL Demonstrations 3/12; Divertimento No 5 ch: Balanchine/Raymonda Act III ch: Nureyev 31/03; Gala of Schools of the 21st century with The Royal Danish Ballet School, The Vaganova Academy, The Royal Ballet School, San Francisco Ballet School, Canada’s National Ballet School, John Cranko Schule – Stuttgarter Ballett, Ballettschule des Hamburg Ballett 7/04.
Guest companies: American Ballet Theatre in Ratmansky’s The Sleeping Beauty 2/09; Dresden Semperoper Ballett in William Forsythe’s Impressing the Czar 4/01.

Director: Kader Belarbi
Programme: Le Corsaire ch: Belarbi 20/10; Salle des pas perdus ch: Belarbi/Eden ch: Marin/Groosland ch: Marin 13/12; A Million Kisses to My Skin ch: Dawson/The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude ch: Forsythe/A.U.R.A. (Anarchist Unit Related to Art) ch: Godani 8/03; NP Don Quixote ch: Belarbi 20/04; Chopiniana ch: Fokine/MC 14/22 ch: Preljocaj 2/07.


Director: Nacho Duato
Programme: Grand Opening of the Season 3/09; Multiplicity. Forms of Silence and Emptiness ch: Duato 11/09; The Nutcracker ch: Duato 7/10; Giselle ch: Bart 21/10; Static Time ch: Duato/Click-Pause-Silence ch: Kylián/White Darkness ch: Duato 3/11; The Sleeping Beauty ch: Duato 27/11; Jewels ch: Balanchine 14/12; Herrumbre ch: Duato 12/01; Altro Canto ch: Maillot/Daphnis et Chloé ch: Millepied 22/01; Onegin ch: Cranko 18/02; Swan Lake ch: Bart 20/02; Castrati ch: Duato/Secus ch: Naharin/Petite Mort ch: Kylián 26/02; Tryout: Choreographers’ Lab 4/03; WP new creation ch: Duato/The Art of Not Looking Back ch: Shechter 21/04.
Guest companies: Ballett am Rhein Düsseldorf Duisburg in 7 ch: Schläpfer 11/04.
Joining: Ksenia Ovsyanick as a principal dancer.

Director: Aaron S. Watkin
Programme: Nordic Lights: ch: Lidberg/Inger/Ekman 8/09; Manon ch: MacMillan 15/09; WP Don Quixote ch: Watkin 5/11; With your permission Mr Petipa! 22/11; Orakel ch: Hernandez 25/11; The Nutcracker ch: Watkin & Beechey 2/12; Romeo and Juliet ch: Celis 14/01; Swan Lake ch: Watkin 11/02; Theme and Variations ch: Balanchine/Forsythe/Ek 23/03; Cow ch: Ekman 6/04; CP Forgotten Land ch: Balanchine/Kylián/Forsythe 20/05; Giselle ch: Dawson 17/06. International tours: Impressing the Czar ch: Forsythe, Palais Garnier, Paris.

Director: Martin Schläpfer
Programme: Bournonville Divertissement ch: Bournonville/Dark Elegies ch: Tudor/One ch: Kohler 16/09 DF; Mozartiana ch: Balanchine/Konzert für Orchester ch: Schläpfer/The Concert ch: Robbins 28/10 DG; WP Concerto Grosso Nr. 1 ch: Şucheană/Lonesome George ch: Goecke/WP Wounded Angel ch: Horecna 14/01 DF; Obelsico ch: Schläpfer/Adagio Hammerklavier ch: van Manen/Sh-Boom! ch: Lightfoot/León 1/04 DF and 13/05 DG WP Petite Messe Solennelle ch: Schläpfer 2/06 Young Moves Choreographic Platform: WP Edge of Reason ch: Nzerem/WP Fourmis ch: Locsin/ WP 49 ch: Kim/WP Andante Sostenuto ch: Randzio/WP East Coasting ch: Foster/WP No Destination ch: Chan 4/07 DF.

Director: Ben Van Cauwenbergh
Programme: Tanzhommage an Queen ch: Van Cauwenbergh 17/09; Romeo and Juliet ch: Van Cauwenbergh 1/10; Don Quixote ch: Van Cauwenbergh 5/11; Archipel ch: Kylián 1/12; The Nutcracker 15/12; 3 by Ekman: Flockwork/Tuplet/Tyll 4/03; Carmen/Boléro ch: Van Cauwenbergh 10/06; Queen Unplugged ch: Van Cauwenbergh 15/06.

Director: John Neumeier
Programme: Nijinsky ch: Neumeier 24/09; Turangalîla ch: Neumeier 20/10; Romeo and Juliet ch: Neumeier 4/11; Song of the Earth ch: Neumeier 4/12; Weihnachtsoratorium I-VI ch: Neumeier 23/12; The Nutcracker ch: Neumeier 29/12; Mahler’s Third Symphony ch: Neumeier 26/01; Tatiana ch: Neumeier 3/02; Duse - Choreographic Fantasy about Eleonora Duse 19/02; WP Die Möwe ch: Neumeier 26/02; St Matthew’s Passion ch: Neumeier 14/04; Giselle ch: Coralli/Perrot/Petipa, staging and new ch: Neumeier 28/04; Peer Gynt ch: Neumeier 6/05; Othello ch: Neumeier 19/05; Nijinsky ch: Neumeier 25/05; A Cinderella Story ch: Neumeier 3/06; The Little Mermaid ch: Neumeier13/06; WP Anna Karenina ch: Neumeier 2/07; Nijinsky gala XLIII 16/07.
International tours: Florence in Mahler’s Third Symphony 10/02; New York in Old Friends (working title) 21/03; Washington in The Little Mermaid 28/03.
Promotions: Karen Azatyan to first soloist; Xue Lin and Marc Jubete to soloist; Ivan Urban will continue to perform character roles in tandem with his new post as assistant ballet master; Georgina Hills, Nako Hiraki, Greta Jörgens and Leeroy Boone to corps de ballet.
Joining: Daniel Brasil (Finnish National Ballet), Mathieu Rouaux (Czech National Ballet), Illia Zakrevskyi (Theater Hof and graduate of Hamburg Ballet School), Giorgia Giani and Pascal Schmidt (Bundesjugendballett). Leaving: Futaba Ishizaki, Ekaterina Mamrenko, Braulio Álvarez, Emanuel Amuchástegui, Lennart Radtke, Dale Rhodes, Sasha Riva and Luca Andrea Tessarini.

Director: Stephan Thoss
Programme: A Midsummer Night’s Dream ch: Thoss 19/11; New Steps - Boléro ch: Spota/Thoss 3/02; Gesicht der Nacht ch: Pedersen/Thoss 21/03; Hello Surprise ch: Mori/Thoss 18/05.

Director: Igor Zelensky
Programme: Giselle 23/09; Symphony in C ch: Balanchine/In the Night ch: Robbins/Adam Is ch: Barton 7/10; La Bayadère 15/10; Romeo and Juliet ch: Cranko 5/11; CP Spartacus ch: Grigorovich 22/12; La Fille mal gardée ch: Ashton 24/01; CP Alice in Wonderland ch: Wheeldon 3/04; A Midsummer Night’s Dream ch: Neumeier13/05.
Guest companies: Stanislavsky Ballet Moscow in Mayerling ch: MacMillan 6/04.
Joining: Ksenia Ryzhkova (from the Stanislavsky Theatre Ballet) and Maria Shirinkina (from the Mariinsky Ballet) as principals; Natalia Osipova and Svetlana Zakharova as guest principals; Osiel Gouneo (from Norwegian National Ballet), Dmitri Sobolevskiy ( from Stanislavsky Theatre Ballet) and Vladimir Shklyarov (from Mariinsky Ballet) as principals and Sergei Polunin as permanent guest principal.
Leaving: Daria Sukhorukova, Ekaterina Petina, Lukas Slavický, Cyril Pierre, Zuzana Zahradníková, Catherine Markowskaja, Léonard Engel, Stephanie Hancox, Ilia Sarkisov, Maxim Chashchegorov, Lucia Lacarra, Marlon Dino, Magdalena Lonska, Joana de Andrade, Martina Balabanova, Donna Mae Burrows, Lisa Gareis, Nagisa Hatano, Julia Reid, Alisa Scetinina, Maud Hélèn Treille, Ilenia Vinci, Marcella Zambon, Vittorio Alberton, Zoltan Mano Beke, Luca Giaccio, Ilya Shcherbakov, Olzhas Tarlanov and Shawn Throop.

Director: Hans Henning Paar
Programme: Romeo and Juliet ch: Paar 15/10; Recortes ch: Sansano 13/01; Circ...US ch: Paar 4/05; Dance Lab 1/07.

Director: Goyo Montero Programme: Kammertanz ch: Forsythe/Spuck/Montero 8/10; WP Monade ch: Bigonzetti/Montero 10/12; Cyrano ch: Montero 4/02; WP Don Quixote ch: Montero 22/04; WP Made for Us II ch: Bubenicek/Verbruggen 23/06.

Director: Stijn Celis
Programme: West Side Story 1/10; Forgotten Land ch: Kylián/The Miraculous Mandarin ch: Celis/Cacti ch: Ekman 29/10; Bach ch: Celis 10/12; Barros/Konjetsky 18/02; Die Folterungen der Beatrice Cenci ch: Bohner/Pulcinella ch: Celis 6/05; Substanz 17 23/06.

Director: Reid Anderson
Programme: The Taming of the Shrew ch: Cranko 29/09; Kammerballett ch: van Manen/Arena ch: Tetley/Neurons ch: Kozielska 13/10; Don Quixote ch: Guerra 20/12; Krabat ch: Volpi 13/01; WP Seduction!: new ballet ch: Kozielska/Faun ch: Cherkaoui/Le Spectre de la Rose ch: Goecke/Boléro ch: Béjart 3/02; Night Pieces: SSSS... ch: Clug/Falling Angels ch: Kylián/ WP new ballet ch: Stiens 24/03; Young Choreographers 20/04; Romeo and Juliet ch: Cranko 29/04; WP Death in Venice ch: Volpi 7/05; WP Kafka (working title) ch: Goecke 30/06; John Cranko School 9/07.
Guest company: Tokyo Ballet - Swan Lake pr: Burmeister 7-9/04.
International tours: Maribor 17/09 Shanghai and Peking - Romeo and Juliet ch: Cranko 28/10 -5/11

Director: Adolphe Binder
Programme for 2016-17


Director: Tamás Solymosi
Programme: Kylling It: Sarabande ch: Kylián/Falling Angels ch: Kylián/Walking Mad ch: Inger/Rain Dogs ch: Inger 23/09; Spartacus Ch: Seregi 13/10; Don Quixote ch: Messerer after Petipa/Gorsky 19/11; The Nutcracker ch: Eagling/Solymosi 1/12; Onegin ch: Cranko 19/01; 3rd International Iván Nagy Ballet Gala 4/02; Anna Karenina ch: Pártray 10/03; Manon ch: MacMillan 4/04; CP Le Corsaire ch: Holmes 21/04; Swan Lake pr: van Dantzig/van Schayk 13/05; Bartók Dance Triptych: The Wooden Prince ch: Frenák/The Miraculous Mandarin ch: Seregi/Dance Suite ch: Juhász 28/5; Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs ch: Harangozó Jr 2/06; WP A Streetcar Named Desire ch: Venekei 17/06.


Director: Alan Foley Programme: Giselle ch: Demakov 10/11.


Director: Mario Bigonzetti
Programme: WP Coppélia ch: Bigonzetti 20/12; La Valse ch: Teatro alla Scala dancers Ballone, Messina and Gavazzi/Schéhérazade ch: Scigliano/Symphony in C ch: Balanchine 19/04; Rite of Spring ch: Tetley/Petrushka ch: Fokine 11/02; Handel Project ch: Bigonzetti 20/05; A Midsummer Night’s Dream ch: Balanchine 28/06; Swan Lake ch: Ratmansky 8/07.


Monte Carlo
Director: Jean-Christophe Maillot Programme: Les Imprévus-1 24/11; WP Soirée Jean-Christophe Maillot 16/12; La Belle ch: Maillot 28/12; Le Songe ch: Maillot 21/01; Romeo and Juliet ch: Maillot 17/03; Cendrillon 10/05; Les Im-prévus-2 5/04; WP new ballet ch: Chouinard/WP new ballet c: Horecna 27/04; Les Imprévus-3 7/06; Academie Princesse Grace 24/06; WP new ballet ch: Cherkaoui/WP new ballet ch: Verbruggen 19/07. International tours: Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai - Le Songe ch: Maillot 9 - 22 /11; Madrid and San Sebastien - Romeo and Juliet ch: Maillot 10 - 15/02; Gènes - Lac ch: Maillot 2 - 5/03; Istanbul - Lac ch: Maillot 16, 17/05; Bogota - Cendrillon ch: Maillot 25 - 31/05; Mexico - Lac ch: Maillot 27 - 30/07.
Joining: Taisha Barton-Rowledge (Ballet du Capitole); Anissa Bruley (Hessisches Staatsballett Wiesbaden); Katrin Schrader (Académie Princesse Grace); Jaeyong An (Korea National University of Arts); Isaac Lee-Baker (Northern Ballet); Francesco Mariottini (Tanz Compagnie Du Stadts Theater Giessen); Lennart Radtke (Hamburg Ballet); Benjamin Stone (Atlanta Ballet); Simone Tribuna (Leipzig Ballet).


Director: Ted Brandsen
Programme: Gala Opening the Season 7/09; Dutch Masters: WP Episodes van Fragmenten ch: Van Schayk/Vier Letzte Lieder ch: van Schayk/Adagio Hammerklavier ch: van Manen/Requiem ch: van Schayk 14/09; La Bayadère pr: Makarova 8/10; Coppélia ch: Brandsen 10/12; Made in Amsterdam 1: WP new ballet ch: Arques/Romance ch: Simons/WP new ballet ch: Meisner/Frank Bridge Variations ch: van Manen 11/02; Made in Amsterdam 2: Concerto Concordia ch: Wheeldon/WP new ballet ch: Dawson/ Souvenir d’un lieu cher ch: Ratmansky/Moving Rooms ch: Pastor 12/02; Onegin ch: Cranko 29/03; Best of Balanchine: Themes and Variations/Apollon Musagète/Violin Concerto 2/05; Shostakovich Trilogy ch: Ratmansky 17/06; New Moves 2017 - dancers’ choreographies 26/06. Promotions: Jared Wright - 2nd soloist; Michaela DePrince - grand sujet; Matthew Pawlicki - grand sujet; Floor Eimers - coryphée; Krista Ettlinger - coryphée; Sem Sjouke - coryphée; Jessica Xuan - coryphée; Martin ten Kortenaar - coryphée; Oscar Valdes - coryphée; Riho Sakamoto, Yuanyuan Zhang and Cristiano Principato to corps de ballet.
Joining: Daniel Camargo as a principal from Stuttgart Ballet; Emilie G. Tassinari, Clara Superfine, Thomas Van Damme, Daniel Robert Silva, Joseph Massarelli and Giovanni Princic from the Junior Company as élèves.
Leaving: Casey Herd, Peter Leung, Chao Shi, Wentao Li and Remy Catalan (leave of absence).
Guest companies: Nederlands Dans Theater 1 - WP new ballet ch: Lightfoot/León/Silent Screen ch: Lightfoot/León 15/02; Scapino Ballet Rotterdam - Pablo ch: Morau 27/02; NDT1 - Parade ch: Pite 26/05.
DUTCH NATIONAL BALLET JUNIOR COMPANY Artistic coordinator: Ernst Meisner Programme: Juniors go Dutch: Blink ch: Arques/WP new ballet ch: Kuindersma/WP new ballet ch: Leung/works by van Manen, van Schayk and van Dantzig to be announced 18/02; The Little Big Chest ch: Meisner 21/04. Arnhem INTRODANS Artistic director: Roel Voorinholt Programme: Tutti: Cantata ch: Bigonzetti/In Memoriam ch: Cherkaoui/Nowhere ch: Papaioannou 30/09; Hooray for Hans 21/01; Monumental: Songs of a Wayfarer ch: Kylián/Canto Ostinato ch: Childs/ CP Memory of Shape ch: van Berkel 17/02.

The Hague
Director: Paul Lightfoot Programme: Stage One 22/09; Spiritwalking 8/12; Scenic Route 2/02; Parade 18/05; Switch (with NDT2) 3/06.

Programme: Up & Coming 30/09; Symbolen 3/11; Smoke and Mirrors 30/03.


Director: Ingrid Lorentzen
Programme: An Evening with León and Lightfoot: Sad Case/Sleight of Hand/Same Difference 21/09; An Evening with Balanchine: Serenade/Agon/Theme and Variations 27/10; WP The Nutcracker ch: Boyadjiev 1/12; Carmen ch: Scarlett 4/02; Ibsen’s Ghosts ch: Espejord 21/02; WP Sleepless Beauty ch: Bjørnsgaard/Hough/Haagenrud/Johannessen 11/03; Don Quixote ch: Nureyev 19/05; WP Backstage ch: Ekman 21/06.


Director: Krzysztof Pastor
Programme: Romeo and Juliet ch: Pastor 16/09; La Bayadère pr: Makarova 1/10; Persona ch: Bondara 13/10; The Tempest ch: Pastor 28/10; Chopiniana ch: Fokine/Boléro ch: Pastor/Chroma ch: McGregor 25/11; Obsessions - Adagio & Scherzo ch: Pastor/Returning Waves ch: Wesolowski/Moving Rooms ch: Pastor 7/12; The Nutcracker and the Mouse King ch: Eagling/van Schayk 23/12; Casanova in Warsaw ch: Pastor 26/01; Don Quixote ch: Petipa/Gorsky/Fadeyechev 8/02; Creations 9 - Young Choreographers 11/03; The Taming of the Shrew ch: Cranko 30/03; Swan Lake pr: Pastor 20/05; WP Darkness ch: Weiss 14/06.


Director: Makhar Vaziev
Programme: Don Quixote ch: Petipa/Gorsky 24/09; Jewels ch: Balanchine 4/10; The Golden Age ch: Grigorovich 14/10; Ondine ch: Samodurov 20/10; La Bayadère pr: Grigorovich 26/10; La Sylphide pr: Kobborg 5/11; Carmen Suite ch: Alonso/Russian Seasons ch: Ratmansky 8/11; The Flames of Paris ch: Ratmansky after Vainonen 11/11; Lady of the Camellias ch: Neumeier 18/11; Swan Lake pr: Grigorovich 22/11; Onegin ch: Cranko 25/11; Spartacus ch: Grigorovich 29/11; Nutcracker ch: Grigorovich 2/01; Giselle pr: Grigorovich 13/01; The Sleeping Beauty pr: Grigorovich 19/01; A Legend of Love ch: Grigorovich 25/01; Raymonda ch: Grigorovich 8/02; Romeo and Juliet ch: Grigorovich 11/02; La Bayadère pr: Grigorovich 18/02; CP Etudes ch: Lander 9/03; WP Nureyev ch: Possokhov 6/07. Live Broadcasts: The Golden Age 16/10; The Sleeping Beauty 22/02; Frank Bridge Variations ch: van Manen/Short Time Together ch: Lightfoot/León/Russian Seasons ch: Ratmansky 19/03; A Hero of Our Time ch: Possokhov 9/04. Recorded Broadcasts: The Bright Stream ch: Ratmansky 6/11; The Nutcracker 18/12; Swan Lake 25/01. Foreign tours: Japan 31/05 - 19/06; New York 20 - 30/07. Anniversaries: Maris Liepa 80th Anniversary Gala Night 20/12; Yuri Grigorovich will celebrate his 90th birthday on 2 January 2017 and an evening of his works will be presented on 19/02. Events: Maris Liepa - An exhibition in commemoration of Maris Liepa’s 80th anniversary. In co-operation with Maris Liepa Charitable Foundation, Historic Stage, Museum Hall 10/12 - 13/01.
Promotions: Yulia Stepanova to principal dancer.
  Alyona Kovaleva, Olga Ladina, Alyona Ledyakh, Anastasia Strakhova, Elizaveta Khokhlova, Ilya Vladimirov, Artem Kalistratov, Andreï Koshkin, Modeste Skorodumov, Jacapo Tissi (fromTeatro alla Scala) and Kamil Yangurazov (from Stanmus).

Director: Igor Zelensky
Programme: Anna Karenina ch: Spuck 27/09; La Bayadère 1/10; La Sylphide 6/10; Don Quixote 2/10; Mayerling 14/10; La Esmeralda 17/10; The Stone Flower 22/10.

St Petersburg
Director: Yuri Fateyev
Programme: Chopiniana/The Firebird/Schéhérazade ch: Fokine 30/09; Le Spectre de la rose/The Swan ch: Fokine 1/10; Don Quixote ch: Gorsky after Petipa 6/10; The Bronze Horseman 7/10; La Bayadère ch: Ponomarev/Chabukiani after Petipa 11/10; Swan Lake pr: Sergeyev 14/10; Spartacus ch: Yakobson 18/10; Le Parc ch: Preljocaj 20/10; The Fountain of Bakhchisarai ch: Zakharov 21/10; Le Carnaval ch: Fokine 25/10; Le Corsaire ch: Gusev after Petipa 26/10; Giselle ch: Coralli/Perrot/Petipa 28/10; Vaganova Academy in Conservatoire ch: Bournonville 30/10; The Nutcracker ch: Simonov 13/11; Anna Karenina ch: Ratmansky 16/11; The Little Humpbacked Horse ch: Ratmansky 19/11; The Sleeping Beauty ch: Sergeyev after Petipa 22/11; Cinderella ch: Ratmansky 24/11; The Stone Flower ch: Grigorovich 7/12; Adagio Hammerklavier/Solo/Variations for two couples/5 Tangos ch: van Manen 16/12; The Nutcracker ch: Vainonen 21/12; Raymonda ch: Sergeyev after Petipa 18/01; Sacre ch: Waltz/Le Sacre du printemps ch: Nijinsky 26/01; Leningrad Symphony ch: Belsky/The Young Lady and the Hooligan ch: Boyarsky 27/01; The Fountain of Bakhchisarai ch: Zakharov 29/01; Romeo and Juliet ch: Lavrovsky 15/02; Jewels ch: Balanchine 16/02; Petrushka ch: Fokine 19/02; A Midsummer Night’s Dream ch: Balanchine 21/02; The Legend of Love ch: Grigorovich 28/02; Le Reveil de Flore ch: Petipa/Ivanov/Paquita Grand pas ch: Petipa 5/03; Carmen Suite ch: Alonso/Le Divertissement du roi ch: Petrov 10/03; Dir Puppenfee 25/03; Marguerite and Armand ch: Ashton/Infra ch: McGregor 27/05. Events: Close of the Vaganova Prix International Ballet Competition 29/10. Guest companies: Leonid Yakobson Ballet Theatre in Swan Lake and The Nutcracker 1 - 19/08.

Ballet Master in Chief: Mikhail Messerer
Programme: The Sleeping Beauty pr: Duato 13/09; La Bayadère ch: Ponomarev/Chabukiani after Petipa 20/09; Swan Lake pr: Messerer 27/09; Cipollino ch: Mayorov 2/10; Le Corsaire pr: Ruzimatov 5/10; The Bronze Idol ch: Lubovitch 19/10; La Fille mal gardée ch: Ashton 23/10; Romeo and Juliet ch: Duato 26/10; Na floresta/Prelude/White Darkness ch: Duato 30/10; Multiplicity. Forms of Silence and Emptiness ch: Duato 1/11; The Nutcracker ch: Duato 5/11; La Sylphide ch: Bournonville 12/11; Giselle ch: Coralli/Perrot/Petipa 24/11; Don Quixote ch: Petipa/Gorsky 1/12. Programme at The Hermitage: Triple Bill by Ivan Vasiliev: Blind Affair/Boléro/Morphine 22/11. Guest company: St Petersburg Tchaikovsky Ballet Theatre in Swan Lake 1 - 28/08.


Director: Christopher Hampson
Programme: Emergence ch: Pite/ MC14/22 (Ceci est mon corps) ch: Preljocaj 18/08; Sibilo ch: Laplane 29/09; Hansel & Gretel ch: Hampson 10/12; Highland Fling ch: Bourne 8/04; A Streetcar Named Desire ch: Lopez Ochoa 10/05. International tours: Minneapolis in Highland Fling 8/04; Berkeley and Los Angeles with A Streetcar Named Desire 10 - 21/05.
Promotions: Bethany Kingsley-Garner and Constance Devernay to principal dancers; Marge Hendrick, Araminta Wraith, Jamiel Laurence and Nicholas Shoesmith to soloists; and Claire Souet, Madeline Squire, Thomas Edwards, Evan Loudon and Rimbaud Patron to first artists.
Joining: Luke Schaufuss as a soloist; Mia Thompson and Roseanna Leney as artists; and Grace Paulley, who joined the company in February, will remain on a permanent basis.


Director: Janek Schergen
Programme: Masterpiece in Motion - Symphony in Three Movements ch: Christe/Schubert Symphony ch: Goh/Age of Innocence ch: Liang 19/08; Celebration in Dance 21/08; Jabula ch: Weir/Piano Concerto No.2 Opus 102 ch: Stripe 28/10; The Nutcracker pr: Schergen 7/12; Coppélia 03; Peter and Blue’s Birthday Party 06; Masterpiece in Motion - The Four Temperaments ch: Balanchine/WP new ballet ch: Liang/Paquita 07.


Director: José Carlos Martínez P
rogramme: to be announced

Director: Victor Ullate Artistic director: Eduardo Lao
Programme: Tierra Madre/Pastoral 25/08; El Amor Brujo 23/09; El Sur/Homenaje a Enrique Morente 26/11; Coppélia 17/12. International tour: Geneva with El Sur/Homenaje a Enrique Morente 26/11.


Director: Johannes Öhman
Programme: Midsummer Night’s Dream 7/09; Distinction: Ponte Molle pr: Andersen/Bjørn/Bill ch: Eyal/Behar 21/10; The Nutcracker 25/11; WP new works by Eyal and Dubois 17/02; The Dream of Swan Lake ch: Isberg 7/04.


Director: Christian Spuck
Programme: Anna Karenina ch: Spuck 22/09; Petrushka ch Goecke/Le Sacre du printemps ch: Clug 8/10; WP Messa da Requiem ch: Spuck 3/12; Kammerballett ch: van Manen/WP new ballet ch: Godani/Quintett ch: Forsythe 11/02; Swan Lake pr: Ratmansky 18/03; Corpus: WP new ballet ch: Lee/WP new ballet ch: Portugal 27/05; Un Ballo ch: Kylián/WP new ballet ch: Favre/WP new ballet ch: Soto/WP new ballet ch: Portugal 22/06; Yanza Akademie Zürich 16/07.


Director: Julio Bocca
Programme: Carmen ch: Haydée 11/08; International Gala 3/10; Onegin ch: Cranko 27/10. International tours: Guatemala 18 - 19/11; Buenos Aires 25 - 26/11; Barcelona 16 - 20/12; Madrid 27/12 - 8/01.


Boston MA
Director: Mikko Nissinen Programme: CP Le Corsaire ch: Liska 27/10; The Nutcracker ch: Nissenen 25/11; CP Artifact ch: Forsythe 23/02; Donizetti Variations ch: Balanchine/Wings of Wax ch: Kylián/Cacti ch: Ekman 23/03; The Sleeping Beauty ch: Petipa 28/04; Stravinsky Violin Concerto ch: Balanchine/The Concert ch: Robbins/WP ch: Elo 5/05.
Promotions: Anaïs Chalendard and Seo Hye Han have been promoted to principal dancers; Junxiong Zhao to soloist; Corina Gill to second soloist. Joining: Samivel Evans and Desean Taber (both Boston Ballet II) join the corps de ballet

Director: Ashley Wheater
Programme: Romeo and Juliet ch: Pastor 13/10; The Nutcracker ch: Wheeldon 10/12; Game Changers: Infra ch: McGregor/Fool’s Paradise ch: Wheeldon/Year of the Rabbit ch: Peck 15/02; Global Visionaries: WP new ballet ch: Ekman/The Miraculous Mandarin ch: Possokov/Mammatus ch: Lopez Ochoa 26/04.

Houston TX
Director: Stanton Welch
Programme: Director’s Choice - American Ingenuity: Theme and Variations ch: Balanchine/CP Other Dances ch: Robbins/CP Artifact Suite ch: Forsythe 8/09; Madame Butterfly ch: Welch/CP Son of Chamber Symphony 22/10; WP The Nutcracker ch: Welch 25/11; Jubilee of Dance 2/12; Cinderella ch: Welch 2/03; CP Stepping Stones ch: Kylián/Grosse Fuge ch: van Manen/CP Year of the Rabbit ch: Peck 16/03; CP The Tempest ch: Bintley 25/05; La Bayadère ch: Welch 8/06.

New York NY
Director: Kevin McKenzie
Programme for Fall season: The Brahms-Haydn Variations ch: Tharp/Symphonic Variations ch: Ashton/Serenade after Plato’s Symposium ch: Ratmansky19/10; Rondo Capriccioso ch: Ratmansky/CP Daphnis and Chloe ch: Millepied 20/10; WP new ballet ch: Lang 21/10; Monotones I and II ch: Ashton/Prodigal Son ch: Balanchine 26/10. Event: Fall gala 20/10.

Director: Peter Martins
Programme: Fall Gala: WP new ballet ch: Lovette/WP new ballet ch: Peck/WP new ballet ch: Walker/WP new ballet ch: Lopez Ochoa 20/09; Balanchine B&W: Stravinsky Violin Concerto/Monumentum pro Gesualdo/Movements for Piano and Orchestra/Duo Concertant/Symphony in Three Movements 21/09; Balanchine x Vienna: Divertimento No. 15/Episodes/Vienna Waltzes 22/09; Jewels ch: Balanchine 28/09; American Music: Glass Pieces/Thou Swell/Stars and Stripes 4/10; Classic NYCB: Serenade/American Rhapsody/Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux/Western Symphony 7/10; Masters at Work: Dances at a Gathering/Firebird 11/10; The Nutcracker ch: Balanchine 25/11; Balanchine Short Stories: La Sonnambula/Prodigal Son/Firebird 17/01; All Balanchine: Allegro Brillante/Swan Lake/The Four Temperaments 18/01; Stravinsky x 5: Scènes de Ballet/The Cage/Eight Easy Pieces/Scherzo Fantastique ch: Peck/Stravinsky Violin Concerto 22/01; New Combinations: WP new ballet ch: Lidberg/WP new ballet ch: Peck/Fearful Symmetries 26/01; The Sleeping Beauty 8/02; All Robbins: Glass Pieces/Moves/The Concert 21/02; Rodgers - Broadway to Ballet: Carousel (A Dance)/Thou Swell/Slaughter on Tenth Avenue 22/02; All Balanchine: Allegro Brillante/The Four Temperaments/Symphony in C 18/04; All Robbins: Fancy Free/Moves/The Concert 19/04; Here/Now No. 1 Wheeldon: Mercurial Manoeuvres/Polyphonia/Liturgy/American Rhapsody 25/04; Here/Now No. 2 Ratmansky: Russian Seasons/Namouna, A Grand Divertissement 26/04; Here/Now No. 3 Peck: In Creases/WP new ballet/New Blood/Everywhere We Go 27/04; Spring Gala: Jeu de Cartes/After the Rain Pas de Deux/WP new ballet ch: Ratmansky 4/05; Here/Now No. 4: Neverwhere/Mothership/Spectral Evidence/WP ch: Peck 5/05; Here/Now No. 5: Jeu de Cartes/After the Rain Pas de Deux/WP new ballet ch: Lovette/WP new ballet ch: Walker/WP new ballet ch: Ratmansky 6/05; Here/Now No. 6: Carousel (A Dance)/The Blue of Distance/The Infernal Machine/Pictures at an Exhibition/Year of the Rabbit 10/05; Here/Now No.7: Ash/ Funérailles/Common Ground/Oltremare/‘Ródé,ó: Four Dance Episodes 11/05; Here/Now No. 8: Slice to Sharp/Chiaroscuro/Stabat Mater/WP new ballet ch: Peck 12/05; Here/Now No. 9: Red Angels/Varied Trio (in four)/Barber Violin/Concerto/Polaris/Herman Schmerman Pas de Deux/Concerto DSCH 16/05; Here/Now No. 10: new ballet ch: Lidberg/new ballet ch: Lopez Ochoa/Jeux/Fearful Symmetries 17/05; A Midsummer Night’s Dream ch: Balanchine 23/05.

Philadelphia, PA
Director: Angel Corella
Programme: Cinderella ch: Stevenson 13/10; Revolution: WP new ballet ch: Sanders/The Third Light ch: Dawson/Square Dance ch: Balanchine 10/11; The Nutcracker ch: Balanchine 9/12; Le Corsaire ch: Corella 9/10; Romance: Remansos ch: Duato/WP new ballet ch: Fonte/Western Symphony ch: Balanchine 6/04; Rush ch: Wheeldon/Sylvia pas de deux ch: Balanchine/Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux ch: Balanchine/Tarantella ch: Balanchine/WP new ballet ch: Neenan 11/05.
Joining: Sterling Baca and Sara Michelle Murawski, who will join the company as principal dancers; Dayesi Torriente, who joins as a soloist; Aleksey Babayev, Adrianna de Svastich, Dominic Ballard, Albert Gordon, Yuka Iseda, Nayara Lopes, So Jung Shin and Jack Thomas will become members of the corps de ballet; and Nardia Boodoo, Therese Davis and Alexandra Heier will join former Pennsylvania Ballet II dancers Jacqueline Callahan, Emily Davis and Siobhan Howley as apprentices. Corella has also promoted Lillian DiPiazza, Oksana Maslova and Mayara Pineiro to principal dancer, and Aaron Anker, Marjorie Feiring, Kathryn Manger and Peter Weil to corps de ballet.

San Francisco CA
Director: Helgi Tomasson
Programme: Haffner Symphony/WP new ballet ch: Bubeníček/In the Countenance of Kings 24/01; Seven Sonatas/WP new ballet ch: Possokhov/Pas/Parts 26/01; CP Frankenstein ch: Scarlett 17/02; Stravinsky Violin Concerto/Prodigal Son/Diamonds 7/03; Fusion/WP new ballet ch: Pita/Fearful Symmetries 9/03; Swan Lake 31/03; Trio/WP new ballet ch: Thatcher/Within the Golden Hour 5/04; Cinderella ch: Wheeldon 28/04.

Sarasota FL
Director: Iain Webb
Programme: A Knight of the British Ballet: Valses Nobles et Sentimentales/Tweedledum & Tweedledee/The Walk to The Paradise Garden/Jazz Calendar (Friday’s Child)/Sinfonietta (2nd Movement)/Façade 8/08; Wolfgang for Webb ch: Walsh/CP Continuo ch: Tudor/The Grand Tour ch: Layton 1/10; Apollo ch: Balanchine/Sinfonietta ch: Ashton/Gala Performance ch: Tudor 18/11; Jewels ch: Balanchine 16/12; WP new ballet ch: Graziano/Changing Light ch: Tuckett 27/02; CP Scènes de ballet ch: Ashton/The Two Pigeons ch: Ashton 10/03; Apparitions ch: Ashton/Checkmate ch: de Valois/Fancy Free ch: Robbins 28/04. Guest company: Paul Taylor Dance Company 24 - 27/02.

Seattle WA
Director: Peter Boal
Programme: Tricolore: 3 Movements ch: Millepied/Symphony in C ch: Balanchine 23/09; Brief Fling ch: Tharp/Forgotten Land ch: Kylián/Stravinsky Violin Concerto ch: Balanchine 4/11; The Nutcracker ch: Balanchine 25/11; Cendrillon ch: Maillot 3/02; Directors Choice: CP Empire Noir ch: Dawson/ New Suite ch: Forsythe/WP new ballet ch: Lang 17/03; Hansel & Gretel ch: Wells 19/03; Ballet on Broadway: Carousel (A Dance) ch: Wheeldon/Slaughter on Tenth Avenue ch: Balanchine/West Side Story Suite ch: Robbins 14/04; Pictures at an Exhibition: CP La Source ch: Balanchine/CP Opus 19/The Dreamer ch: Robbins/CP Pictures at an Exhibition ch: Ratmansky 2/06.

Tulsa, OK
Director: Marcello Angelini
Programme: TBII - On Your Radar: ballets by Natrea Blake, Norbert de la Cruz and Ma Cong 19/08; Creations in Studio K: three WPs ch: Fonte, Peugh, Cong 16/09; Onegin ch: Cranko 28/10; The Nutcracker 10/12; WP Dorothy and the Prince of Oz ch: Liang 10/02; Swan Lake 24/03; TBII: Emerging Choreographers Showcase 21/04; Cacti ch: Ekman/A Million Kisses to My Skin ch: Dawson/Cripple and the Starfish ch: Hougland 11/05.

Washington DC
Director: Julie Kent 40th Anniversary Season
Programme: 40th Anniversary Gala 30/09; The Nutcracker 26/11; Giselle 1/03; Petite Mort ch: Kylián/CP In Creases ch: Peck/In the middle, somewhat elevated ch: Forsythe 29/03; Allegro Brillante ch: Balanchine/CP Seven Sonatas ch: Ratmansky/Nine Sinatra Songs ch: Tharp 26/04; WP new ballet ch: tba/Lilac Garden ch: Tudor/CP The Dream ch: Ashton 25/05.


Director: Caroline Finn Programme: Folk ch: Finn/Tuplet ch: Ekman/They Seek to Find Happiness They Seem ch: Johnston/Profundis ch: Asaf 16/09.

Director: Darius James
Programme: The Light Princess with music by harpist Catrin Finch Joining: Gwenllian Davies, Anna Pujol, Miguel Fernandes, Mark Griffiths, Dylan Wadell.